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Welcome to Wellness~

"Find untapped resources inside yourself with our creative arts and meditation experiences, designed for all levels and ages."
~ Beth Cornell

The mission at Arizona Energy Wellness is to put you in touch with your wealth of wellness! Our services provide much needed stress and pain management techniques that are easy to apply to your everyday life. By placing focus on what's well (working), we empower health, healing and life.

We do this through the practice of meditation and creative art. Please explore the Creative Art and Meditation links for details about our services and prices.

We are mostly mobile and come to your location but also work from Juniper House in Glendale Arizona every Third Tuesday - please call to schedule your appointment today. 602-309-1915

The cost of stress.

We pay for our health in ways that are increasingly expensive AND invasive.  By developing a meditation practice or a creative art outlet, the immense costs associated with today's "care" can be lessened by creating the path to natural health and balance in a proactive and preventive way.

Daily stresses include things we cannot see or sense such as radiowaves, radiation, and toxins in the environment and food we eat. These contribute to what our body has to eliminate. Energy forms our perceptions and can influence our health in many ways we are only beginning to comprehend... add in some emotional, mental and physical stress and you've got the ingredients of imbalance - illness. Learning to de-stress and re-organize your own energy makes staying in balance possible. Periods of illness and recovery times will lessen as you develop your practice and skills.

You natural state is balance.

Chronic stress leads to chronic health problems including:

anxiety/panic attacks


cardiovascular episodes

skin and allergy issues

auto immune disorders

lower immune functions, more frequent illnesses

sudden weight gain and loss

muscular spasms

hair loss

Call today to begin reversing the effects of stress!

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