Sharon Blacknall - CEO/Founder
Air Force | Veteran
San Antonio Texas | Children & Infant

Child Safety Tips and Programs

We believe all children deserve to grow up safe and unafraid

Child Safety Tips and Programs™ and our project Military Veterans Against Child Abuse, offers educational materials, safety tips for discussion and local training for parents, child care providers and educators. We believe all children deserve to grow up safe and unafraid. As a parent, teacher or child care provider, you are the first line of defense against anyone harming a child. There are several programs available to teach pre-teens and teens about staying safe, but very few that address the basics of safety and bullying starting at 2 or 3 years old. By utilizing the safety rules as presented in our book, The ABCs and 123s of Child Safety ©2012, you can implant safety nuggets in their young minds that will give them some of the tools necessary to deal with various situations. Many predators start to groom their victims as young as 2 years old with gifts and teaching them to keep secrets. Most parents have not discussed "stranger danger" with their children this young, so they don't know what to do. Once children have gone through our program, they are on their way to being safe and empowered kids.

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