Terrie Price
Army | Spouse
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Enhanced Lives with Terrie Price by Melaleuca

Achieve the Life You Want

Our mission is to enhance the lives of those we touch by helping others reach their goals. Melaleuca has been on 

this mission since 1985. Melaleuca is The Wellness Company , we focus on four distinct connected areas of wellness 

to improve lives health, environment, financial , and quality of life. We offer a full line of  world-class wellness 

products, supplements, nutrients, that can help manage weight , improve nutrition and advance health.

Because of its success it can offer a step- by- step plan than can reduce debt and increase your monthly income. 

Our products are non-toxic and we are a world leader in concentrated products which means they require less water

to make, less fuel to ship and less plastic to package. We are better for the environment. We allow our customers the 

opportunity to reclaim their time. This means you are in control of your life.


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