Sandra Dixon - Affiliate Marketer
Army | Spouse

Instant Rewards


Hello, my name is sandra, I am a stay at home mom, army wife and work as affiliate marketer for instant rewards

It is awesome, because I can work when and how much i want and it has truly been a blessing for me, because i am now able to support my family.
Instant Rewards works as a middle man between advertisers and their potential customers. Gamefly, Redbox, Credit report and several other major corporations are all represented through Instant Rewards.With Instant Rewards, you can make money online by simply signing up for and promoting trial offers from well known Fortune 500 companies without doing any selling or cold calling.

You advertise to get more traffic on these websites, which saves those companies tons of money and which is the reason why we are getting paid so well. ( $90/referral and $ 4.50 per downline)
You simply sign up for a few of their low cost trial offers, cancel them before the trial time ends (i'll help you which offers to pick and when and how to cancel them)

The offer costs will come out to a total between $ 4- $12 and there are no monthly costs after that.
Every offer has a credit value in instant rewards and you need to get 1/1 credit in step 1 and step 2.
Next thing we will set up your control panel, domain and you'll get your own referral link.

By then i will also add you to our training and support pages with tons of helpful info, website links to post free ads on and even picture ads/company flyers to use for your marketing purposes.

If you have a couple hours spare time a week and are money motivated then instant rewards sounds like the perfect fit for you.

I will be your personal sponsor and happy to answer all your questions any time :)

Also feel free to take a look on my business page


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