Patrice Johnson - Owner
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Mélange Jolie LLC

Handcrafted, beautifully made, with you in mind, skincare.

Hey there!  My name is Patrice and I'm the creator and owner of Melange Jolie LLC.  I started out making small batches of body butters and scrubs for my children and other family members and then my imagination took off from there.  After lots of testing and research, I went into business.  I recently attended school and became an esthetician.  I also am an art major. Anything skincare, science, or art related, I'm fascinated by!  I really am grateful to be able to use both my passions for art and science together to make wonderful products for others. I make all kinds of skincare products to suit a variety of needs (and wants) whether you're looking for vegan, nut-free, all natural, pet care, or baby/kids items, I can do it all.  All of my products are handcrafted with lots of love and positive energy. Thanks for stopping by!

To learn more about Melange Jolie LLC and to see some behind the scenes ongoings, follow me on Instagram: melangejoliellc
Thank you!

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