Amy Murray - Independent Director
Marines | Spouse

Thirty-One Gifts, Independent Director

Celebrating, Encouraging and Rewarding Women!

When I started my business with Thirty-One I never would have imagined everything it could become.  What began as mearly a way to get all the bags I wanted at a discount (honest truth!) has turned into so much more! I had no intentions of turing this into a business- I just knew I loved the products Thirty-One offered and thought my friends might, too.  That was in June of 2011.  Less than a year later, I promoted to director with this amazing company, and now 2 years later, I have helped over 75 other women start their own business with Thirty-One with several on track to promote themselves to director very soon.  I have paid for 2 complete Christmases with my Thirty-One income, taken my family to Disney World, earned a $750 best buy gift card, have more adorable bags than I know what to do with (my original goal!) and earned an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP to the Hard Rock Punta Cana for my husband and I for Sept. 2013.  We can hardly wait!  The most rewarding part is helping others set their own goals with Thirty-One, and achieve them! If you'd like more information, I'd love to share it with you to help you find out if Thirty-One might be right for you.

I think the reason I have so much fun with Thirty-One is that I LOVE to party! If you live in South Florida, I'd love to help you have a fun girl's afternoon with your friends, where you'll earn AMAZING hostess rewards during the process.  If you don't live close, we can still PARTY! I do catalog/online parties with people ALL OVER.  I've recently started doing FACEBOOK parties that are a HOOT! Several people have said it's the most fun they've ever had online- NO JOKE! It's a great way to "hang out" with your family and friends, no matter where they all might live.  I'd love to help you have a fun "virtual party" with your friends.

If you just love our products, want to place an order, want a catalog or would just like a little more info, I'd love to pass that along to you, too!

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