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Navy | Veteran

Freelance jobs for Veterans is a freelance job posting site for online or onsite work that can be paid to the freelancer by the project or by the hour. Employers will pay a small fee only if the job is awarded and there will never be any charge to the freelancer for using the site. Proceeds from the site will be donated to Veteran Service Organizations. Thank you for your support of our heroes and their families.

About Veterans Elance was born out of a desire to help a special niche in our communities, the brave men, women, and children that serve our nation as a unit and put their lives on hold while someone in their family steps up and defends our great nation. These individuals and families often live at or below the poverty level with their greatest desire to not have to ask for a handout from the same nation they lay their lives down to protect. Proceeds from this site through employer posting fees will be donated to Veteran Service Organizations to help our heroes with their income, transition periods, and ultimately help them build a career.


This industry is growing, and it is predicted that three industry trends with shape the future of online work:
  • 1 in 3 people will be hired online by 2020. As more companies realize the benefits of tapping into a worldwide talent pool, online hiring will become a mainstream employment practice.According to a recent business survey, eighty-three percent of businesses already plan to hire at least half of their workers online this year and this trend will rise as businesses discover the power of online work teams.
  • 1 in 2 businesses will have online teams by 2020. Collaboration is increasing online and it's happening on a global scale. Today's innovative online employment platforms offer a virtual workplace that emulates the physical office. As tools become more sophisticated in the virtual office, businesses of all sizes will realize the ease in managing and leveraging global talent teams to achieve their goals.
  • Global professional guilds will emerge online. The increased adoption of social technologies will foster a new level of community building within the online workforce. Guilds will begin to form online around similar career interests, industries, and skill sets, mirroring traditional associations or networking groups. Professionals will tap these new social organizations to improve work practices and standards.

Our military heroes, past, present, and future are the most independent, ambitious, and creative people I have had the pleasure to be a part of and meet. I hope this will become a place for friendship, support, and comraderie.

The system is simple. An employer will post a project with their stated budget, and you as a Freelance contractor will create your profile showing your qualifications, search the jobs posted that are available, bid on the jobs you feel you are qualified to complete, and then discuss the job directly with the hiring manager.

VeteransElance gives the opportunity to bid on multiple short term projects whether onsite, or online. Nothing else is like it in the marketplace, and it is dedicated to our US Military, their families, and to those that given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all be free. God Bless all of you and let's now get to work.


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